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Guide to Selling a Property

When you are looking to sell your property of course you are looking to achieve asking price and sell as quickly as possible. As you will only get one chance to make that crucial first impression it’s time to take a fresh look at how your home is perceived to the buyer. 

  • Firstly, and most importantly your home needs to be clean and clear of clutter. What you consider to be homely features may just look like clutter to your prospective buyer. The key is in making the home look personal and liveable but not overrun with family pictures, ornaments and artwork from the kids as well as their randomly scattered toys
  • Outdoor space in Mallorca can make or break a sale. Buyers want to imagine the lifestyle they will have once your property is theirs so make sure pools are clean and gardens look appealing.
  • Talking of space, if you have turned bedroom number three into a storage facility, you need to consider re purposing the room so buyers can see its full potential. If it’s a double room, put a double bed in it as that is a real feature for a 3 bed
  • It’s a fact of life in Spain that many houses are not 100% legal and that previous owners have made alterations without the correct permissions. Most of these issues can be rectified easily and cheaply, but nothing worries a buyer more to have issues discovered part way through the sales process, it can easily ruin deals when issues crawl out of the woodwork at the last stages. Be honest with us so we can advise both you and the buyer as to the best course of action.
  • Organise your paperwork prior to the first viewing as buyers love to see a prepared and organised home owner, Ask us which documents you will need to sell the house, the list is ever changing, so give us a call and we can always advise.
  • When our clients provide a neat & organised property as estate agents in Mallorca it enables us to take professionally staged photographs to ensure your home gets the best possible exposure. As agents, we know the value of buyers getting an emotional connection with your home, and this is exactly the approach we like to take when photographing homes for sale.

For more information on how we can assist in the sale of your property and professional presentation of your home contact us today. Sales can happen very quickly here on the island.

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